How to play Modern Combat 4 with a PS3 Sixaxis controller

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Modern Combat 4Gameloft put Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour on sale for $1 yesterday. Now is the perfect time to purchase what is arguably the best military first-person shooter for Android. Unfortunately, Modern Combat 4‘s default touch screen controls can’t emulate the precision that a real controller offers. The MOGA controller is supported, but Modern Combat 4 doesn’t have an option that allows other third-party controllers. That’s where an app called Sixaxis Controller comes in handy. It only works for rooted Android devices, but it will allow you to map Modern Combat 4‘s virtual buttons to a PS3 Sixaxis controller.

The first thing you should do is make sure your device is rooted. Once that’s done, head over to Google Play and download Sixaxis Compatibility Checker. This free app will verify whether your device is compatible with the full version of Sixaxis Controller which costs $1.99. If everything checks out, you should see your device’s local Bluetooth address on the bottom of the screen. Write this number down in case you need it for the next steps. If your device is supported, purchase the Sixaxis Controller app and download the SixaxisPairTool on your Windows, Linux or Mac computer from the developer’s website.

Plug your PS3 controller into your computer, wait for any drivers to download if necessary, and install the SixaxisPairTool software. If you’re running Windows 8, run the software as an administrator by right clicking on the shortcut icon and choosing that option. You may get a Microsoft Visual C++ error during installation, but the program will still install regardless.

Once you have the software running, a little window will appear that says “Current Master” and “Change Master.” The Current Master number should be identical to the local Bluetooth address you copied down earlier. If it isn’t, enter that information in the Change Master field and click update.

Unplug the PS3 controller from the computer and press the power button. If you have a PS3 console around, go ahead and unplug it so it doesn’t turn on. If everything is working properly, a single light will be illuminated on the controller. Next, go to the Sixaxis Controller app and click the “Change IME” button. Select “Sixaxis controller” from the options. Once you click the start button in the app, it’ll listen for your controller and connect to it. Congratulations, you’re done with the hard part! But you still need to set up a proper control profile for Modern Combat 4 so the button configuration feels like a console game. Luckily, there’s already a pre-made profile out there that works well.

The profile can be found on XDA Developers. Download it to your device and remember where it’s located. Go back into the Sixaxis Controller app, go into the settings and select preferences. From preferences, select “Gamepad Settings” and make sure the option for “Enable Gamepad” has a check next to it. Go back and select the last option that says “Touch Emulation” and choose “Edit Touch Profiles.” Now you should see a grey screen with the words “Double tap for menu” on it. Double tap the screen and choose the “load profile” option. Import the file and you should see an assortment of virtual buttons. Once that’s done, go back into the part of the Sixaxis Controller app where you first connected the controller. There’s an option under the “Pair Controller” button that says “Active Touch Profile.” Touch the little arrow and select the Modern Combat 4 profile. That’s it you’re done!

You may encounter a situation where some physical buttons aren’t working. I’m assuming it’s because the positioning of the virtual buttons in the Modern Combat 4 map profile doesn’t translate identically to devices with various screen sizes. That’s okay though! You just have to slightly rearrange the icons so they work with your screen size. To do this, take a screenshot of Modern Combat 4 during gameplay. Then go back to the “Edit Touch Profiles” menu of the Sixaxis Controller app. When you double tap on the screen, there’s an option for changing the background. Choose that option and select the screenshot you just took. Rotate the image so it looks exactly as it does in game. Now you can load the Modern Combat 4 profile on top of the background image and drag the icons around so they’re in line with the virtual controls. Save any changes you make and see if it fixes the button issues. It worked for me, hopefully it’ll do the same for you.

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  • Izzy

    A much better place for profiles (than scouring around the XDA forums) is Sixaxis of Power. They have hundreds of profiles for tons of games on different android devices.

    You can just go to (dont even need an account to download, just to upload)

  • garciablood

    Did everything as instructed and connecting but right as the games loading up and about to start the Six axis controller app and physical controller turn off, any idea why?