Black Ops II Winter Championship: UNiTE Gaming Headed to Hollywood

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UNiTE Gaming has one of the youngest teams in the MLG Black Ops II Winter Championship, with only a single player over 17 years of age. They have played with veteran like poise all weekend, and defeated Team Fear 3-1 to clinch a spot in the Call of Duty Championship. There was a little controversy during Game 2, Search and Destroy on Express. The rules specify a bomb defuse time of 7.5 seconds, and a planting time of 5 seconds. Whoever set the times did the opposite. The referees stopped the match, and allowed play to continue with Unite still up 2-1 in the rounds.

The pause in play may have helped Fear get their bearings a little bit, but in the end it wasn’t enough. UNiTE still won Search and Destroy 6-4, en route to their overall victory. The gamecasters decided to break into the Turtle Beach sponsored gamechat to hear the in-game communication. They immediately got treated to some choice four-letter words. Hey, it’s live broadcasting of Black Ops II, what are you going to do?

Fear took Capture the Flag to force a fourth game, which would be Hardpoint on Slums. They started out in dominant fashion and the momentum appeared to be shifting. UNiTE’s Spacely wasn’t having any of that, nearly dropping 40 kills. He did finish with 5600 points, more than enough to seal the deal. As the seconds ticked down and losing became a mathematical impossibility for UNiTE, team captain Clayster turned to his squad and said “I love you guys.”

Bringing such a young team to the big stage was a risk, but one that clearly paid off. Clayster said in scrimmages, the team wasn’t losing a game. That put to rest any concerns he had about their youth. That youth movement is still in the running for a $20,000 prize this weekend. They’ve also guaranteed themselves a spot at the $1,000,000 Call of Duty Championship in Hollywood April 5-7. As young as they are, they could be on the main stage for years to come.

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