Black Ops II Winter Championship: Fan Favorite OpTic Qualifies for Hollywood

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It was a common question throughout MLG Winter Championship’s Black Ops II event March 15-17: Why is OpTic Gaming so popular? There are a number of answers. While a quick glance at the expressions of most teams belies the huge stakes they’re playing for, OpTic always looks like they’re having fun. You would think they were just sitting at home playing for the heck of it, as much fun as they seem to be having. Top player Nadeshot has an entertaining personality made for Twitch.TV. But as they’ve proved this weekend, there’s one primary reason they have so many fans. They are really good at Call of Duty.

OpTic Gaming thrashed Donut Shop 3-0 to qualify for the $1,000,000 Call of Duty Championship in Los Angeles April 5-7. Before that, there’s still the matter of this weekend’s tournament, which features $50,000 and $20,000 for first place.

Donut Shop’s Goonjar did all he could, acing all members of Optic to end a round of Search and Destroy. But he didn’t get enough help, and OpTic’s team turned in a balanced performance.

As OpTic lead widened, they slowed down the pace of the match. Knowing that Donut Shop had to make something happen, OpTic challenged the trailing opponent to come to them. That left OpTic able to wait around corners and pick their spots. They’re not easy to beat under normal circumstances. If they’re allowed to control the pace of the match, it’s going to be a long game for the opponent.

OpTic began their run March 15 with a 3-1 victory over Icons Blue. OpTic entered the tourney as the 15th seed, but right now that just seems like a number.  They will take on UniTE, who advanced with a dominant 3-1 victory over Fear.

The competition only gets tougher from here. Can somebody here in Dallas wipe the smiles from OpTic’s faces? GamerTell will keep you posted on an action-packed weekend of professional gaming.

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