Black Ops II Winter Championship: Fariko Impact Wins MLG Dallas

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They came, they saw, they captured flags. Fariko Impact was unbeatable all weekend, and now they have a shiny glass trophy and $20,000 to prove it. They have also earned a spot at the Call of Duty Championship April 5-7. You’d have to call them the favorites. They defeated Unite Gaming 6-2 March 17 at the Major League Gaming Black Ops II Winter Championship. The four-man team consisted of Chris “Parasite” Duarte, Damon “Karma” Barlow, Marcus, better known as “Mirx,” and Adam “Killa” Sloss.

Fariko Impact, the no. 1 seed, began their day by defeating no. 2 seed Unite Gaming in the Winners Bracket Final. How untouchable was Impact? Unite Gaming’s Game 3 Capture the Flag win on Raid was Fariko Impact’s first map loss of the entire weekend. Unite got one more map win after battling out of the Losers Bracket final to get the rematch. They came as close as any team did to stopping Fariko Impact, but even they could only get two map victories.

Parasite, the Fariko Impact team captain, credited the team’s victory to years of dedication. He said so many people told him that he couldn’t do it, that he would never be good enough.

“It feels so good to prove them wrong,” he said.

He said such a consistent performance wouldn’t have been possible without teamwork and communication.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better squad, for a better group of guys,” he said.

Though it was obvious the entire team was playing Black Ops II at championship level, gamecasters still ask the captain to pick an MVP. Karma got the nod for three days of solid, consistent play.

“He was just getting scorestreak after scorestreak,” Parasite said. “He made my job easy today.”

Unite Gaming, led by Clay “Clayster” Eubanks, has nothing to be ashamed of. They too have earned a trip to the Call of Duty Championship, so this is a match we may well see again. The team’s other members are Mike “Spacely” Space, Josiah “Slacked” Berry and Josh “Huhdle” Piha.

Image courtesy of Major League Gaming

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