Major League Gaming Winter Championship: KT Rolster B Wins International Exhibition

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KT Rolster B won the MLG Winter Championship’s International Exhibition for League of Legends, taking home a cool $10,000.  They defeated European eSports team Gambit Gaming in three games. Gambit formed from the ashes of Moscow Five. That team lost its funding after its CEO, Dmitry Smelyi got arrested in an FBI cyber crimes sting. BenQ Global jumped in to sponsor them. The finish here indicates they haven’t missed a beat. They walk away with $5,000.

Helping KT Rolster B to the victory was new acquisition Choi “Insec” In-seok, one of the game’s best junglers.

“This guy carries teams on his back wherever he goes, from the jungle,” gamecaster Will “Chobra” Cho said.

Won “Mafa” Sang-yeon played support, Go “Score” Dong-bin was AD Carry, Ryu Sang-ook went AP Mid while Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho worked top lane.

KT Rolster B came out with force in Game 1, getting their first tower at 3:30. That put Gambit Gaming into a largely defensive mode despite having a gold advantage. The Game 1 victory was huge, as it meant Gambit would have to take two games in a row. That’s an LoL tower-sized order few teams in the world could consistently fulfill.

A regenerative aura allowed KT Rolster B to get a 4 to 1, ending what had been a back and forth game until that point.

North American squad Curse took its lumps from KT Rolster B, despite the homecourt advantage. That brought up the eternal questions about American teams. Where do they stand? Are they getting closer?

GameSpot talked to Insec about the gap between Korean and North American players after the seemingly easy win over Curse.

He said North American players still make a lot of mistakes, but they’re “not that behind.” Hey, at this point we’ll take it. “Not that behind” is showering North American players with praise compared to the comments from Russian team Moscow 5 after the 2012 League of Legends World Championship. They accused American squads of letting distractions get the better of them and not taking the games seriously enough.

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