Wii U deserves better than year old ports

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batman arkham city armored edition wii u
The Wii U has a problem. It isn’t the lack of games. Well, that is part of it. The issue is that developers and publishers are looking at the system and its meager library and, instead of creating new content that would make people want to buy the system, they’re releasing ports of games PS3, Xbox 360 and PC owners had years ago. It’s so terribly disappointing and the system deserves better.

It wasn’t so bad when the Wii U launched. Okay, this is a new system. Ports of Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge were understandable. Forgivable even. Both were existing games, with Batman: Arkham City being a year old and Ninja Gaiden 3 having been available for other consoles since March 2012. Still, we were okay with coming in second because the games were different than before. Both had new content and update that made double dipping, especially when a console was brand new, seem reasonable.

It’s the other ports that have popped up that are the problem. One in particular is Mass Effect 3: Special Edition. I bet EA mocks people who actually pay full price for it. Yes, people who buy it have a Genesis 2 comic to get their save file up to speed, the Extended Cut ending, the From Ashes DLC with Javik, the Prothean, and the first three, free multiplayer DLC add-ons. However, that’s all they get. The Leviathan, Omega and utterly amazing Citadel DLC packs aren’t available. Not to mention the game doesn’t look much different, some argue the frame rate and texture issues are worse, or offer any revolutionary Wii U Gamepad usage. It’s a blatant attempt to cash-in on a series that really requires players to have at least experienced one of the two prior entries in the series.

Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper Wii U
As much as I enjoy it, Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper falls into this trap as well. It’s another example of a months-old port of an existing game with very few bonuses to make it worth buying again. There are four new characters, but considering the huge roster, it’s easy to lose track of them amongst the others. The only reason I bought it was for the local multiplayer, which allows the Gamepad holder to control one character while another controls a second on the TV wth a second controller. I certainly didn’t get it for the loading times and rampant frame rate issues. While I love it, it was unnecessary.

Now, another port is being added to the list of Wii U ports. Square Enix’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut has leaked out. The original game, released back in 2011, was a fantastic adventure, but one has to wonder how necessary a Wii U port was. It fortunately sounds as though it will fall into the Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge port camp, what with Square Enix claiming it will have Neural Hub augmentations on the Gamepad and extra content, but with no official announcement yet, it’s hard to know what to expect.

It’s enough with the place holders. We’ve had enough Wii U ports. Players deserve new, fresh content designed specifically with the console and Gamepad in mind. Let’s not try and make people spend $50 or $60 on a game that’s now a year old. The new system is brimming with potential and let’s hope E3 2013 ushers in a round of games that show us what the Wii U can do.

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