Fans determine Saints Row 4 Collector Edition swag

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saints row 4
The Saints Row franchise has always been about its over-the-top, balls to the wall themes and gameplay. Whether it’s dressing up in an animal costumes and hitting pedestrians with a baseball bat on a Tron-esque motorcycle, or skydiving off of a fighter jet to body slam an innocent civilian below, there’s a lot of sadistic fun to have in the series. Saints Row has evolved from a generic Grand Theft Auto clone to a beast armed with rocket launchers, tanks, and mascot costumes.

In the tradition of the franchise’s dedication to complete and utter madness, Volition Games released a survey asking fans what they would like to see in the upcoming Saints Row 4 Collector’s Edition. The survey has a list of items with a rating going from 1 (“HELL NO!”) to 5 (AWWWW YEAH!).

The potential Saint’s Row 4 collector’s swag includes generic stuff like buttons, T-shirts, money clips and the like. That’s only part of what’s available, as there are more tantalizing options such as an auto-tune/voice modulator device, an RC helicopter, a Johnny Gat memorial Statue, a Dubstep Doomsday Button(?) and the tactfully worded “Functional (not deadly!) in-game weapon replica.”

While that particular option didn’t specify which Saint’s Row 4 weapon would be replicated, I think most people who have played Saints Row 3 probably know which weapon the survey meant and how it would function. Let’s just saySaints Row isn’t exactly known for its highbrow humor. At least the weapon in question would be better than Dead Island: Riptide‘s statuette of an amputated torso.

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