European Call of Duty Championship’s Most Popular Scorestreak: The F-Bomb

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A Eurogamer piece by Oli Walsh takes a look at the seriously salty language that permeated the Electronic Sports League’s European Championship March 16 -17. This video is not safe for work, or anywhere else where locker room talk would not be appreciated.

Ryan Wyatt, head of eSports at Machinima and gamecaster for the Major League Gaming Call of Duty circuit, believes that kind of behavior sets the whole community back.

“I hope CoD competitive gets their act together and start acting like true professionals. This is absurd,” he tweeted. He did add that Major League Gaming tourneys would be just as bad if officials didn’t enforce the rules. They hand out technicals for foul language and unsportsmanlike behavior, just as a referee at an NBA game might.

The only time I heard any bad language during MLG Dallas was when game casters broke into gamechat. The next few times I heard them do that, the language was better. I suspect someone mentioned it to them, possibly Ryan Wyatt since we see how passionate he is about it.

In its response to the video, the ESL compared the atmosphere to that of a rugby or soccer match. Let’s face it, the chaotic violence of a soccer riot is not the best thing to model your tourney after. The statement goes on to say the behavior seen here is not the norm.

“The events are always conducted in a professional manner, and this film does not reflect the generally sportsmanslike behavior we saw over the weekend,” it reads.

For all we know, this roughly six-minute video comprises the only times things got out of hand. Somehow I doubt that though. The contrast between what we see here and what I saw in Dallas this weekend is night and day. The primary different appears to be how strict the refs call things.

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