PAX East 2013: The Walking Dead is made for the Vita

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the walking dead
The Vita is going to be getting another fantastic game. The Walking Dead‘s Vita release was announced at PAX East 2013. People will get to take Lee and Clementine with them anywhere they go. Which, admittedly, something they could already do if they already had an iOS device. Still, it’s good news for anyone who owns a Vita and has somehow missed playing the game.

This will mark the fifth platform on which Telltales Games’ The Walking Dead will appeared. It’s appeared on the PS3, Xbox 360, PC and iOS before this. I expect the Vita version will resemble the iOS installment first, but offer the option to use touchscreen or standard controls. I think it’ll work well. As much as I loved playing The Walking Dead on the PS3, I really would have appreciated touchscreen controls at times. Plus, the game will definitely look gorgeous on that OLED screen. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s visually identical to the console releases of The Walking Dead. I think the Vita can handle that.

Telltale hasn’t said when we can expect The Walking Dead on the Vita. PAX East 2013 just marked the first appearance of the latest portable installment. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was out before 2013 ended. I am hoping that it will be released in one big installment, rather than episodic. It’s be disappointing to have to wait for episodes to flow out when they’re all immediately available everywhere else.

The key to The Walking Dead Vita’s success will be in pricing. If the company is smart and prices it below $30, I’m sure people will pick it up. For $20 or under, they’ll probably even buy it a second time. Personally, I’m going to wait in the hopes it becomes a part of the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Library at some point.

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