Skullgirls Indiegogo reaches $600,000 mystery character DLC plateau

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skullgirls samsonSkullgirls fans have done it. The Indiegogo campaign has passed the $600,000 point. That means fans will get to pick one of the 32 mystery characters that have been revealed over the course of the project. Lab Zero will then make him or her an additional DLC character. The $600,000 mark also means a Saxploitation voice pack will be added for Big Band. It’s good news for fans of the series and the developer.

The best part is, I believe Skullgirls could still meet its other stretch goals. The mystery character will get a story mode and stage designed just for him or her if the project reaches $625,000. I bet it will. As of 7:50pm CST, it had passed $607,000 so it’s possible. I’m not sure if it will reach the Mane6 $725,000 stretch goal, where that developer gets the Skullgirls Z Engine for free, but I know we’ll get the extra DLC character’s story mode in the next 54 hours before the campaign ends on March 27, 2013.

Which means people should start looking at the potential Skullgirls mystery character. Lab Zero has made a special webpage that shows all 32 DLC character candidates. The 3rd DLC Character Concept page describes how the voting process will proceed, images of each character and profiles that say who they are and how they’d fight.

The problem now is that all of the mystery DLC characters look so cool. I’m a big fan of Stanley the shark, Annie, Ileum and Isaac. But the newly revealed Samson and Aeon are tempting as well. Who will you vote for?

Site [Skullgirls on Indiegogo] Site [3rd DLC Character Concepts]

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