Review: Princess Battles for Windows

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Princess Battles
Price: $20
System(s): PC
Release Date: TBA Spring 2013
Publisher (Developer): Nekomura Games Pte. Ltd. (Nekomura Games)
ESRB Rating: “Everyone”

Princess Battles is a dating sim game that is a little different than what you might be used to. In most Princess dating sim games, you have to build up stats by working and shopping. However, in Princess Battles, you build up stats by doing card battles with other girls. You even compete in a big tournament to prove to your parents that you are worthy of claiming the throne. It also makes you look appealing to the local men as well.

Level your stats and score that hunk

In Princess Battles, you play as a young princess Lillian. She just realized her parents think she lacks the potential to be queen because she has no ambitions. Lillian is afraid they are instead considering allowing a local champion and hero named Olivia take over the throne, and is determined to prove to her parents this is a bad choice. With the help of her tutor, Lucian, and her cousin, Aurelia, she dedicates her time to mastering the card battling game Prima and beating Olivia in the tournament.

Prima is played by using item, school and work cards to build up stats. Players need to build up intelligence, charm and integrity to a certain level, depending on the person you are battling, before your opponent does to win. Cards can also be used to earn money and energy which are needed to work and buy items. There are attack and defense cards you can use as well to lower opponents stats. If you lose a battle, it’s game over. The story will not progress unless you win. When you win, you receive stat points that you can use to permanently improve your stats, which makes it easier to win each round. You also win a new dress from your opponent that is designed to fit the image of whoever you win it from.

In Prima, card choice is important so you need to have a nice deck of cards. You can’t buy your own cards, but you receive new cards after some battles. You friends will occasionally give you new ones as well. You never know what card will be drawn for you next so you have to be careful about when you use the cards you have. For instance, you don’t want to use an attack card right after your opponent used a defense card, because it will be wasted, and certain cards use up energy and money. The card choices can be funny as well, such as the attack card “spill drink” which lowers the opponents integrity because you just ruined her dress. There is also a “talk incessantly” card that lowers the energy level of a player because you wore them out.

Lillian is a way better princess than Olivia

Playing Prima can sometimes be really easy or really hard. In the beginning, it’s almost impossible to lose because if it looks like your opponent is going to win, they will start “skipping” turns to allow you to catch up. However, when you get to the tournament, there’s no mercy. Don’t worry though. One nice thing about Princess Battles though is that you can pretty much save at anytime, even during Prima battles. One thing that helped me win some of the harder battles was to save right when I was ahead. That way, if I lost, I could reload from that point and try again, as the card selections are random every time.

Being able to save Princess Battles at any time is also useful when trying to get a guy to like you. As you encounter people, you will be given dialogue choices that will affect how they feel about you or how a event might play out. Since you are able to save at any time, you can save the game right before making a decision, then if you feel you picked the wrong choice, just reload and pick another. Of course you can always live  dangerously and just see what happens, but it’s nice to have the option.

Along with playing Prima against other girls in Princess Battles, Lillian also needs to find herself a suitor since she is determined to find one herself (and not let her parents just set her up with someone). There are only four different suitors in the game that Lillian is interested in. If you want to hook up with a certain guy (and receive their character ending), then you have to make the right choices or you will scare them off. It’s important to figure out what they like in a girl and what dialogue choices would be the best ones to make. There is a character ending available for each guy, and one guy’s ending can’t be unlocked until you beat the game and continue playing.

Meeting guys seemed hard at times. The man you are interested in will mostly be in the same locations, but sometimes he won’t be there. For instance, I wanted to meet this guy that I know is always in the town square, but I only ran into him twice then couldn’t find him again. I’m guessing it was because I messed up a dialogue choice with him or another reason that caused him to not like me and not want to see me again. You have to be very careful about dialogue choices you make in the game as well as even minor things like what you wear when you meet a guy or you could mess up seeing him again.

One of the boring elements of dating sim games is leveling up your stats by doing lots of work and buying items. Especially when the way that is done is by clicking on a “work” or “item” button and not actually doing anything. In Princess Battles, you still have to build all this up, but you do it in a fun way that’s entertaining and challenging. It’s a very unique way to still include required sim dating elements but taking out the monotony of it.

Battling beats clicking by far!

Princess Battles is a unique take on the princess dating sim games you may have played before. The card battling is fun, you get some unique cards and you can save at any time to ensure success. You can only romance four men, and one of them can even be romanced after the game is over.

If you like princess dating sim games (or really any dating sim games) but are tired of the same old button clicking stat building, then you should check out Princess Battles. You might also like it if you are into card battling games and looking for a little something different.

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