Clayster Selects European Team Prophecy to Join Him at Call of Duty Championship

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clayster unite gamingUnite Gaming put in an impressive run at the MLG Dallas Pro Circuit for Call of Duty: Black Ops II March 15-17. They finished second, but the rules for the Activision-run Call of Duty Championship are slightly different. To participate in that tourney, a player has to be at least old enough to purchase the Mature-rated game themselves. Three of the team members that played at MLG Dallas were under 17. That left James “Clayster” Eubanks scrambling to find three new teammates in time to play in the Call of Duty Championship April 5-7.

In a surprising decision, Clayster went across the pond to complete his squad. He recruited Shane McKerrel,  Tom “Tommey” T and  Tom “Gunshy” Jones of European CoD team Prophecy. They are fresh off a win at iSeries 48 the weekend of March 22-24.

Before making the announcement on his Twitch.TV channel, he said countless players had made convincing cases. He made a list of the players he was considering and all the pros and cons each brought to the table. Clayster wanted players who had been in high-level tournament competition before and done well. All three of these players have done that, and equally importantly they have done it together. Teamwork is a key factor in an event like this, especially with extremely limited practice time.

Clayster has shown he is willing to take a big risk. People are questioning this move. People questioned the wisdom of bringing such a young team to MLG Dallas. They performed incredibly well though. This will definitely be one of the top storylines heading into the championship.

Another interesting development is that MLG Dallas winners Fariko Impact will play in the European Gaming League tournament March 29-31, just one week before the COD Championship. Are they doing some scouting? In addition to Prophecy, some of the other Fariko teams will be in attendance. The world’s best Black Ops II players are making their big moves for a $1,000,000 prize. GamerTell will keep you updated on all the latest developments.

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