3DS system update adds background downloading and more

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The 3DS and 3DS XL received an update this week to bring the software up to version 5.0.0-11U. This update mostly brings improvements to the Nintendo eShop. For example, software update data can now be downloaded in the background, and you don’t have to close down the eShop when you select the “download later” option. The download should continue to function even when the 3DS is sleeping.

Another addition to the console is the Save Data Transfer Tool. It’s used to transfer saved data from a retail copy of a 3DS game to its digital version. Be careful when using this tool. The original data from the retail game will be deleted when the transfer is complete. It’s also not possible to bring saved data from the digital version to the retail copy.

You also may encounter an error when trying to access the Nintendo eShop if the update hasn’t been applied. If you get the error, follow these steps to fix it.

  • Turn off the 3DS
  • Turn it back on while holding the L,R,A and Up buttons (it’s awkward)
  • The 3DS should boot to an update screen
  • After the update, turn the 3DS back on and enter the eShop

If it still doesn’t work, keep trying the eShop until it lets you in.

Source [Nintendo]

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