Look at how fast the Wii U is after the spring update

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The Wii U is scheduled to get a couple updates before the fall season. The first update is scheduled to occur next month. It’s aimed at improving the Wii U’s speed within its main user interface. To get a sense of how much faster the Wii U will be next month, Nintendo posted a video of YouTube that shows how long it will take for the Wii U to exit out of a game and back to the main menu.

It took about seven seconds to return to the Wii U main menu from New Super Mario Bros. U with the new update installed. Without the update, the process took about 22 seconds. That’s a huge difference. If those speeds are present across the board, the Wii U is going to be quite the little speed demon compared to what it is now.

Lets hope the update will also address some of the Wii U’s other common problems such as system freezes. You can check out the demonstration video below.

The 3DS also got its own update on Tuesday that improves the functionality of the eShop.

Source [YouTube]

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