Sega’s making Puzzle Pirates mobile

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puzzle pirates
Well this is just fantastic – productivity is going to take a massive hit in a few months. Puzzle Pirates is getting a mobile incarnation. The PC game is going to show up on iPads and Android devices, meaning you’ll be able to take part in matching puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, strategic battles and more absolutely anywhere, for free. The adaptations are coming before Summer 2013 ends and real life doesn’t stand a chance.

The Android and iPad versions of Puzzle Pirates will be identical to their PC brethren. They’ll even allow cross-platform play, letting you engage in multiplayer games with people across different platforms. I’m guessing that also means people can use their PC account with the mobile versions, though Sega and Three Rings didn’t confirm that detail.

The important thing is that Puzzle Pirates on your handheld will be almost identical to the versions we’ve been playing for years. The only difference is the inclusion of touch screen controls. Aside from that, it still has the 20 puzzles we’re used to and allows people to create a pirate and go through mini-games alone, or against other people. I think that the puzzle and mini-games’ diversity, combined with the ability to play alone if your friends aren’t available, are what really makes this free-to-play MMO shine.

I have to admit, I was once a Puzzle Pirates aficionado. It was the Crafting Puzzles that lured me into the game. I was a big fan of Alchemistry, Blacksmithing and Weaving. Not that the Skills o’ Piracy and Carousing puzzles and mini-games weren’t fun, but I really liked playing the puzzles that earned my avatar money. I got out not because I hit a wall where I’d have to pay to proceed, but because I saw how much time I was spending on the game and didn’t want to go overboard. Now that an Android version is in the works, I fear I’ll have to start playing again. For work purposes, of course.

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