Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition looks amazing on PCs

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knights of pen and paper +1 edition
Oh man, why didn’t any of you tell us about Knights of Pen and Paper? Time for a new rule. If you find an awesome and unique game, you’ve got to tell us. If Paradox Interactive and Behold Studios hadn’t announced Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition for Windows, Mac and Linux, we might never have known this incredibly cool, unique RPG existed!

Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition is a RPG that is designed to mimick the tabletop RPG experience. Players choose party members, who sit at a table in front of a dungeon master. They also have the dungeon master choose a quest or adventure and can adjust difficulty and such as they go. Playing longer unlocks new quests and characters. So really, what’s happening is going on in the foreground with the people and DM at the table, and the images in the background of monsters and environment are what those characters are seeing in their imagination as they play. It’s a neat premise.

Especially cool is that the PC version will be much improved. There will be plenty of new content. For example, new quests and dungeons. Of course that also means more equipment and items to collect and opponents. Plus, people will be able to adjust their party at any time in the Tavern, so they’ll be prepared for any situation.

If you can’t wait until the PC version is released in Q2 2013, you can always pick up the iOS or Android versions. They won’t have the extra content, but are immediately available and only cost $1.99 each. This game looks pretty darn awesome, so I may have to go ahead and buy it for my tablet to enjoy while I travel this summer and get a copy for my laptop later.

Site [Paradox Interactive] Product Page [Google Play] Product Page [iTunes]

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