The Free Bundle 5 includes a game that normally costs money

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slaves of rema free bundle 5
I’m a big fan of The Free Bundle. Even when a bundle is mainly filled with free games I already knew about or even have installed, it makes me feel good to know that someone out there is compiling these free games together. Now, on March 28, 2013, The Free Bundle 5 has made the deal even better. For the first time in the weeks since this new “bundle” launched, a “paid” game has gone free.

The game in question is Gamebook Adventures 3: Slaves of Rema. It’s an interactive gamebook where players read through an adventure and either make choices or use virtual dice to determine what happens to a person stolen from his home and forced to become a gladiator. It’s similar to a visual novel. Normally, the Windows and Mac version are $4.99, but they’re both free in The Free Bundle 5. The Linux, Nook, Android and iOS versions, however, are not free.

Of course, Slaves of Rema isn’t the only Free Bundle 5 game. This update also includes Super Smash Land (Windows), Burn & Turn (Windows, Mac, Linux), The Witch’s House (Windows), Alter Ego (Windows, Linux) and The Battle for Wesnoth (Windows, Mac, Linux). It’s a refreshing case where most of the games are available for more than one platform.

I say Super Smash Land is the game to absolutely grab this week. It’s a fan-made, Smash Bros style game, designed to look like it appeared on the original Gameboy. It’s got the lime color scheme, the minimalistic character sprites and super simplified controls. The cast includes Mario, Kirby, Link and Pikachu, though people who play enough can unlock Mega Man and Vaporeon.

As always, The Free Bundle games are completely free. The compilation site doesn’t accept donations, but if you like a game, you can find the author’s website and see if he or she does. A new Free Bundle tends to come out every two weeks or so, give or take, and links to previous bundles remain on the site in case you need to catch up.

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