God of War: Ascension nerfs The Trial of Archimedes

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god of war: ascension The Trail of Archimedes is arguably the most difficult section of God of War: Ascension. It’s set on vertically moving platform that has to make a few stops before it reaches the top. Along the way you’re confronted by some of the game’s most annoying enemies. The part of the game was so frustrating, Sony Santa Monica decided to patch it to make it easier to get through.

After installing update 1.03, you’ll be given a reasonable number of health and magic orbs after completing each section of the trial. This change has been made to reflect all the difficulty settings in God of War: Ascension. Don’t get reckless though. The game does not save at any point during the trial. If you die at the top, you have to start over again.

For the multiplayer community, God of War: Ascension now includes certain “marks” you can place on your warrior. The marks are similar to the red mark Kratos has on his body. The marks reflect the Trojan, Thief, Mercenary, Legionnaire, Spartan and the Deep.

We recently reviewed God of War: Ascension and thought it was a good game, but it lacked the overall excitement and creativity of previous GoW games on consoles.

Source [PlayStation Blog]

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  • Jacob Holt

    Got the update but still no green orbs after 1st or 2nd stage