This year’s ThinkGeek April Fools “products” are fantastic

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batman family car decal set thinkgeek april foolsIt’s April Fools, which means every site on the internet is going to have a little fun with you, making the best kinds of jokes. In particular, the ThinkGeek April Fools are always listed among the best. It’s because the company goes out of its way to make fake products to “sell” each year. You can’t buy them, unfortunately, even when they’re so incredible that you’d like to throw money at them. It’s all about watching and just savoring the fun.

This year, there are eight ThinkGeek April Fools products and I can honestly say I would definitely buy three of them if they were actually available. Alas, they’re not, so we all just have to marvel at their geekery. This year we get the Star Trek Death Star Trench Toss, Lord of the Rings Eye of Sauron Desk Lamp, Play-Doh 3D Printer, Minecraft Creeper Body Pillow, Batman Family Car Decal Set, Batman Bane Walkie Talkies, Aliens Chestburster-in-a-Can and Adventure Time BMO Interactive Buddy. The Creeper, Chestburster and Batman decals are the ones I wish were real, though I get a sneaking suspicion some site, somewhere online will eventually end up really selling.

The pièce de résistance with this year’s ThinkGeek April Fools surprise is that four of the products have promotional videos. Let’s go ahead and watch them now.

Here’s the Death Star Trench Toss.

And the Creeper Body Pillow – I really wasn’t expecting a video for this one.

You had to expect a Aliens Chestburster-in-a-Can video.

Finally, the ThinkGeek April Fools video round-up ends with an Adventure Time BMO Interactive Buddy video.

Well, now I want I BMO too.

In case you’ve missed the ThinkGeek April Fools “products” over the years, there’s a handy index page you can visit to see all of them. Right now, it covers all the joke products from 2001-2012, but you should see the April Fools 2013 listings there as well if you visit on April 2, 2013.

Image Source: ThinkGeek

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