EA to sell SimCity “offline” DLC for $29.99

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2013 has only just begun, but we’ve already seen multiple video game meltdowns. The SimCity fiasco, as it’s now known, resulted in millions of disillusioned players unable to play their game for days after launch due to the “always online” mandate. It drove people to the internet to voice their displeasure, while EA claimed the inability to play a single player game offline was a crucial part of the gameplay experience and not a form of DRM. It also claimed it would require an incredible amount of work on their part to take SimCity offline. Well, it must not have taken too much effort, as EA has just announced Solo DLC on April 1, 2013.

Though this SimCity pack has been dubbed the Solo DLC, it’s best to think of it as the offline DLC. For an additional $29.99, people can download a 5.5GB add-on that will allow them to play SimCity at any time, after an initial authenticity check to verify their copy is authentic. That 5.5GB will allow people to sever their internet connection and, as an added bonus, save all of their city data offline. EA says people should allow another 4.5GB of space on their hard drives for saved games. It will be available at 11:59pm on April 1, 2013.

Initial skepticism about the SimCity Solo DLC’s price, size and availability has led gamers to voice their concern again. Given the speed of the offline DLC’s creation, some say it must have been in development for months, perhaps since the game’s disastrous debut. Others claim it’s a bunch of bloatware, as hackers have managed to get SimCity running offline without the 5.5GB add-on. That’s without even getting into the complaints about the steep price. EA’s newest PR hire, April Foroughday issued the following statement. “Listen, first you offline play. Now, you say offline play is too expensive. Make up your minds! Geez!”

Editor’s Note: “In case you were thinking this news sounds too amazing/unusual/weird to be true, you’re right! Happy April Fools’!”

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