Apple steps into the gaming market with Apple Joypad

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apple logo joypadEver since the announcement of the Ouya and its Android operating system, many in the gaming community have been wondering whether or not Apple would step into the console market. Well the company has finally revealed plans for something they’re calling the Apple Joypad at this years Game Developers Conference (GDC 2013) and it’s looking to be interesting contender. Yet, many are wondering how exactly it will work its way into the market.

Many of the rumors surrounding the Apple Joypad point to a program that users will be able to use in tandem with its Apple TVs, very similar to how Samsung allows its devices to interact with the company’s Smart TV. Apple may have the advantage as they intend the Joypad to be used purely for gaming. Much like Samsung’s program, the Joypad may act more like a controller used to play those iOS games on the Apple TV.

Other possibilities could have the device entering in to the mobile gaming market. Given how well many games have been created or transferred over to Apple’s iOS mobile devices they could offer some more competition to Android and its mobile gaming.

While there are plenty of rumors, International Business Times believes that the company will make more official statements on its position in the gaming industry at the company’s annual April Apple press event.

With the next-generation of consoles underway Apple’s entry into the gaming market looks to raise the stakes, along with the many of the other companies who are already looking to challenge the big three. I think the big three consoles will be able to maintain their own positions. If anything Android, Apple and Steam will be facing off against each other in their own market.

Either way this generation of consoles is looking to shake up the stagnant console competition of the past decade and I couldn’t happier for it.

Source: [International Business Times]

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