Borderlands 2 level cap update is available now for $4.99

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borderlands 2 A couple updates arrived today for Borderlands 2. One of the updates is free, but Gearbox is also selling the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack for $4.99 or 400 Microsoft Points. The upgrade pack will let you level up your character to level 61 and gives you the chance to earn 11 more skill points. It also unlocks new Ancient E-Tech relics and Pearlescent weapons. These weapons can only be obtained in a new difficulty level called Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.

The upgrade pack is included in the Borderlands 2 Season Pass. This isn’t the update that will introduce Krieg the Psycho to the list of playable vault hunters. That DLC is coming in May and won’t be a part of the season pass.

Regardless of whether you buy any of this DLC, you’ll still get the ability to have more backpack storage,  bank storage and one more ammo upgrade by spending Eridium in the game.

The Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack is available now on Xbox Live. The PS3 version will be available when the PlayStation Store updates today.

Source [Gearbox Software]

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