What’s your favorite BioShock Infinite Vigor?

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Warning: This post doesn’t have any story spoilers, but it may spoil some powers you’ll get in the game.

BioShock Infinite continues the combination of gun and magic combat that was present in the first two games. This time around, the magic is referred to as Vigors instead of Plasmids. Vigors are essential for getting through the game. They help with crowd control, they can briefly incapacitate enemies, and even provide you with some buffs. There are a handful of Vigors to choose from, but I want to know which vigor did you find yourself repeatedly coming back to? For me, it was Murder of Crows.

I think I was driven towards this vigor partly because of my personality and its overall effectiveness. The Murder of Crows vigor lets you shoot a number of black crows towards enemies. Anyone caught in their path will be ravaged by the bird’s constant pecks. Not only do enemies become easier to pick off when their busy screaming, but they also become easier to kill thanks to their injuries. In the end, their corpse is covered with spots of blood from the crow attack.

There is also an upgrade that turns victims of the crows into crow traps. That means anyone that walks into the trap will immediately be attacked by crows. I absolutely loved this vigor when up against waves of Columbia’s hostile citizens.

Based on things I’ve watched and read about BioShock Infinite, it seems most people have between 1-3 Vigors they use frequently. I never bothered with Charge, Return to Sender or Undertow. I’m sure those Vigors would have come in handy in some situations, but it never crossed my mind to use them. I just adored Murder of Crows so darn much.

Did you use this Vigor as much as me? Let us know what your favorite is in the comments below.

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  • Ryan Massicott

    I liked shock jockey and murder of crows equally for crowd control, but for sticky situations when I was taking heavy fire I loved return to sender because it made me feel like Neo from the matrix.

  • ben

    Murder of crows is awesome! Possession and Devil’s Kiss are also great!