Stinky gaming footboard a natural for Kickstarter

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stinky footbardI’m calling it: Stinky Footboard will be the next must-have peripheral for the PC. A sort of “mouse for your foot,” I can see how the footboard can give a player a decided advantage in online games. It’s programmable, of course, so you can set it up to do any particular keystroke or mouse action you need. “Advantage in games” means “must-have” to me.

It really seems like games, even “simple” ones like shooters, require more and more different actions to play best. DOOM was content to let you run around and swap weapons, but games nowadays have grenade tossing (and multiple grenade types), skill use (and multiple skills that need selection), different ammo for the different weapons, and different kinds of moves like jumping and grabbing ladders or whatnot. With one hand on the mouse, that leaves the other hand to access over a dozen different keys, all while simultaneously moving via the AWSD keys. Just how many fingers do game designers think I have, anyway?

Even though I play some classical piano, I’ve been looking for a way to compensate for my lack of dexterity for awhile.  Unfortunately, most devices just add complexity to the mouse, which means (in addition to the down time of learning new mouse buttons) that I have just that much less of my hand to devote to shooting accurately–the most important part of playing a shooter! So, yeah, I’m going to be looking to buy one of these when I go to the computer store, and put a more literal stomping on my online enemies.

The only hitch is, the Stinky footboard isn’t on store shelves yet. They’re funding up through Kickstarter, but it’s not really the most exciting pledge program I’ve seen. There are only a few low-level pledges, with $89 buying the actual product. $5,000 gives you the “friends for life” package; as much as I like the product, I’m not so sure about having a lifelong friend called “Stinky”. I still think they’ll scrape together the $75,000 in time to fund the footboard.

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