Wii U owners spared the Aliens: Colonial Marines experience

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Aliens: Colonial Marines isn’t coming to the Wii U. Sega knows there’s no light at the end of this tunnel. The ride is finished. The port has been cancelled, much to the relief of both Wii U and Aliens fans worldwide. The initial, prolonged delay suggested something was up, but now it’s definite. Sega told Kotaku the port isn’t happening.

You know what I have to say? Good for Sega. This couldn’t have been an easy decision for the company. I’m sure it had already spent a lot of money on the Wii U port of Aliens: Colonial Marines. Instead of just going through with it anyway and hoping Wii U owners starved for games would pick it up so they’d have something to play, Sega said no.

I’d like to think that Sega realized what a festering pile Aliens: Colonial Marines is and decided that it had too much respect for its customers to go ahead and unleash the game on another round of victims. Granted, I wouldn’t have felt much sympathy for those who would have bought Aliens: Colonial Marines for their Wii U had it been released, but still.

I mean, it has to be respect, right? It can’t just be Sega knew no Wii U owner in their right mind would buy Aliens: Colonial Marines after seeing what happened with the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC versions. Can it? Oh wait, yeah, it probably is.

As someone who has played Aliens: Colonial Marines, I think Sega made the right call. This game is abysmal. The only thing it’s good for are hilarious outtakes videos on YouTube showing just how bad it is. My most recent favorite is the one where someone is actually able to go through a whole area without firing a single bullet. Watch for yourself.

That is so Aliens: Colonial Marines.

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