Don’t panic if Terraria is freezing on your PS3

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Hey everyone, consider this a friendly public gaming announcement. If you’ve been playing Terraria and getting really invested in your character and worlds, there’s a good chance you may have come across a pretty scary glitch. Scary in that, it makes you wonder if your game save is corrupted and you have to redo all of your hard building and crafting work. There’s a freezing issue with the game, and it is capable of giving you a minor heart attack.

I encountered the Terraria PS3 glitch myself tonight. I was about to play a game, hit the underground jungle area so I could start forging an ivy whip or grass sword and was looking forward to investing another two to four hours into the game. However, when I attempted to load my save, the game froze. The HUD would appear, as would the sky, but then it would stop. I reset the PS3 twice before wondering if this was a big deal or not and checking to see if this was happening to other people.

It turns out, Terraria freezing on the PS3 is a regular and minor issue. The solution is just as simple. If the game freezes, reset your PS3. Start Terraria up again. Then, start the tutorial. After playing that for a few seconds, quit to the main menu. Then, load up your character and any world. The game shouldn’t freeze.

An alternate solution is to select your character, create a new world, quit to the main menu and then select the character and world you want. Considering you’re limited to only a few worlds, it’s best to use the tutorial fix to halt the freezing issue.

Hopefully, Re-Logic and 505 Games will issue a Terraria patch soon so we don’t have to resort to make-shift solutions. For now, if it freezes on your PS3, you’ll know what to do.

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  • Sebastián

    It works!!! Thanx, please add me to play online! My psn user is Sebamarelle

  • Chad

    This will work.
    After about 10 times of restarting, deleting and re-installing and trying to install and avoiding the 1.1 patch nothing worked. This worked first try. Thanks.
    PSN: FauxSho

  • http://Baannanan Andreas

    But what if its freezing when i pick a charecter,??????

  • Voetbal830

    Does it work on Xbox 360

  • Nathan

    My son’s is constantly stuck on the start screen trying to save data and he cannot get out of this at all – restart and it goes back to trying to save data. It won’t let him access anything else just the start screen and then frozen on the save data whirling icon. Any ideas anyone????

  • Carson

    I am having the same issue. My game won’t even pull up the main menu. It’s just showing me what the loading icon looks like and not progressing to the main menu. I have put too much time and effort into this. I don’t want to lose everything…

  • Sean

    Didn’t work for me.

  • GamerGuy22

    How do I stop terraria from freezing on the ps3 when I get ten or lower depth in one of my worlds if I go to 10 depth or below it completely freezes this has cut me off from so many needed things I just need to know how to stop it

  • Connor

    Just read what this guy said to do and it will work. My world had everything in it and when I made an artificial jungle biome underground…my game froze when attempted to go down there later on. This solution works. LIKE THIS GURGLE SLURP NOW!