Fatal Frame now “officially” a PS2 Classic

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fatal frameWe always knew Fatal Frame was a PlayStation 2 Classic, but now Sony has gone ahead and made it official. On April 9, 2013, Fatal Frame will be added to the PlayStation Store. Legions of fans will appreciate the greatness of this horror photography game. Best of all, it is going to be available at an affordable price.

Fatal Frame is supposedly, allegedly, loosely based on real events. Which means don’t go giving the game a lie detector test, because it would probably fail. Miku’s older brother, Mafuyu, disappeared inside the Himuro Mansion while looking for his missing mentor. Instead of calling the police and going in with a team of experts, which would make sense since the dude has been gone for two weeks, Miku goes in alone after him. Inside, she finds the Camera Obscura, her family’s heirloom, just lying on the ground. It has the ability to see and capture ghosts. Instead of realizing that finding the camera sans Mafuyu is a Bad Sign and she should go home, she continues to investigate the mansion. Naturally, it’s filled with hostile ghosts due to a Hell Gate Demon Tag Ritual going wrong.

It’s an interesting game as it’s a combination adventure, horror and FPS. Miku has to investigate the mansion, solving puzzles and defeating ghosts to proceed and uncover the truth about Mafuyu, the house and the ritual. If a ghost is sensed or seen, players bring up the Camera Obscura for a first-person view. They then must take pictures at exactly the right moment to do the most damage to the ghost and dispel it. Granted, camera wielding can get a bit cumbersome, but I found it to be an enjoyable experience.

The Fatal Frame price hasn’t been officially announced, but it’s going to be $9.99. Every PS2 Classic so far has been $9.99, and I don’t see Sony or Tecmo Koei changing the formula for one game. It’s reasonable, especially since a physical copy in good condition can still go for about $20. It’s not the most expensive in the series, Fatal Frame 2 and 3 usually fetch a higher price, but it’s still pretty expensive for a PS2 game.

Source [PlayStation Blog]

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