Mewtwo’s new form is looking good

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Mewtwo is back! At least, that’s what the reveal of the latest Pokemon X and Y pokemon leads us to believe. I mean, you don’t just throw a pokemon like the one shown on the right at us and expect a different conclusion. Just look at that mystery pokemon. It has the same coloring as Mewtwo, a shockingly similar appearance. The only differences really are the elongated head, the lack of tail and that weird horn/halo thing it has going on up on its head. There’s no debating it. We’re looking at one of Mewtwo’s relatives.

Mewtwo is a legendary pokemon and, as of yet, Pokemon legendaries don’t evolve. However, a number of legendaries have alternate forms. Melodetta can shift between two, depending on whether or not she knows a special move. Deoxys has Normal, Attack, Defense and Speed Formes that can be changed at specific locations. Giratina can change between Altered and Origin Formes depending on whether or not it is holding the Griseous Orb item. The safe bet right now is that this unnamed pokemon is a different Mewtwo Forme.

Here’s a Pokemon X and Y trailer that shows this Mewtwo Forme in action.

It seems to still use psychic attacks in the video, so I’m guessing this Mewtwo Forme doesn’t change his type at all. I’m going to guess it’s similar to Deoxys and that the shift simply alters the base stats in some way. I’m going to guess that this version has stronger special attack and defense than the standard Mewtwo we’re familiar with, just because the regular forme looks like it would be physically stronger.

Pokemon X and Y‘s October 2013 release is fast approaching, so I’m sure we’ll hear more about this Mewtwo forme, as well as other new pokemon, over the next few months. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Mewtwo information was released before the end of April!

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