Starbucks now giving away free Angry Birds: Star Wars

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angry birds: star wars
Okay, every iOS owner. It is time to grab your free Angry Birds: Star Wars. No, I’m not talking about the “free” version Rovio offers. You know, the one that’s an ad-supported version of the game. I’m talking about getting the $0.99 version of Angry Birds: Star Wars for $0.00. Starbucks has named the game its Pick of the Week, which means it is free through them until April 17, 2013.

If you haven’t been around in the last year or so, Angry Birds: Star Wars puts the birds and pigs in the Star Wars universe. The birds are the rebels, the pigs are the Empire and you’re helping the birds bring them down by flinging them at the pigs. So yeah, it isn’t all that different from the other 30 versions of Angry Birds out there. But free Angry Birds: Star Wars can’t be ignored.

Getting the free Angry Birds: Star Wars is easy. You have two options. The first is to stop by a Starbucks store and grab the Pick of the Week card with the code for it from the counter. You don’t even have to make a purchase. Just ask for the card, and you can get one. If you don’t want to go out and go in Starbucks though, there is another option.

Starbucks has just updated its iOS app. If you download that, it’s free and only 18.9mb, you can grab the Pick of the Week app through there as well. Once the program has installed, tap the Messages icon and you can grab your free Angry Birds: Star Wars.

Unfortunately, this free game is only for iOS devices. The Starbucks Pick of the Week offer doesn’t apply to Android devices. Hopefully, that will change in the future, but for now we can just gaze enviously as our iOS owning friends get to enjoy their free app.

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