No Square Enix, I won’t let you snoop through my phone book

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Today, Square Enix subsidiary Taito Corporation released a game called Crime Connection for iOS and Android. Crime Connection is a free-to-play simulation game where you build up a city and use the various establishments to expand your criminal empire. It sounds like Square Enix’s take on Mafia Wars if you ask me. I was going to try this game so I can see how the microtransaction system works, but changed my mind after reading the game’s permissions. The kind of information it asks for is overbearing and downright intrusive. 

Crime Connection requires access to the information stored about your contacts on your phone or tablet. That could be your mom, grandmother, bookie or anyone else. The game will also determine how often you communicate with them through voice calls, emails and other means. After it’s done doing that, the game will save that data and send it back to its servers where Square Enix can do whatever it wants with it.

Oh the fun doesn’t stop there. Crime Connection can also read your call log for incoming and outgoing calls. All that information gets saved as well.

What legitimate reason does Square Enix have to collect this kind of personal information? Crime Connection can function just fine without knowing how often you called your mother. It certainly doesn’t need to jot down her phone number and send it back to Square Enix’s data centers. This whole situation is utter nonsense.

Guys, I can’t stress enough how important it is to read the permissions of Android apps before you download them. You never know what a company is trying to slip by you.


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