TwitchTV reboots development of its Android app

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TwitchTVYesterday, we told you about the newest update to the TwitchTV app for Android. We noted the changed color scheme, the inability to search and the continued inability to log into accounts. While it seemed like this update was taking a step backwards, it’s actually something Twitch did on purpose. Twitch has taken its Android app back to the drawing board. The plan is to build upon the newly built app over the course the year. So while we may not have the features we want, Twitch says the app is a lot more stable than it was before.

For now, the ideal way to experience Twitch is on iOS. If you don’t own one of Apple’s devices, you may find yourself participating in one of Twitch’s upcoming beta programs that’s designed to give users a look at future builds of its Android app before it’s released to everyone.

This reminds of when Facebook started getting serious about its Android app. For a long time, the Facebook Android app was miles behind the iOS version. When Facebook started getting serious about Android, it pushed out an update that drastically improved its performance. I’m optimistic Twitch can do the same thing.

Source [TwitchTV]

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