5 Best limited edition 3DS designs

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pikachu 3ds xl limited edition 3dsIf there’s one thing Nintendo’s good at, it’s limited edition systems. Ha, you probably thought I was going to say hardware revisions, right? Wrong. When it comes to handhelds, and occasionally even consoles, Nintendo is a master of creating a system you already own with a slightly different, irresistible appearance.

I suppose you could see that as a bad thing, but I don’t. I think it’s good for the people who are lucky enough to get, say, a limited edition 3DS. They have a system they will treasure forever and will be the envy of every other gamer. Besides, it’s fun to look online at pretty things we’ll never have. So, to make that a little easier, I’ve put together a brief list of five of the most awesome, limited edition 3DS designs released so far. If you want one, good luck finding it. They’re called “limited” for a reason.

Pikachu 3DS XL

Of course an article about various limited edition 3DS designs like this has to begin with the Pikachu 3DS XL. In Japan, people could only get it if they pre-ordered one at a Pokemon Center between August 25 – September 14, 2012. North America and Europe didn’t have the same limitations, but that didn’t keep the system from selling out pretty much the first day it was available. I guess the allure of Pikachu, and the unintentional, pseudo, Pikachu nipples formed by the 3DS XL’s camera lenses, were too much to resist.

charizard 3ds xl limited edition 3ds

Charizard 3DS XL

While the Pikachu 3DS XL is pretty much for Pokemon fans and people who appreciate epic cuteness, the Charizard 3DS XL is a generally awesome design that appeals to anyone who appreciates a really stylish, limited edition 3DS. This variation was only available through Japanese Pokemon Centers, but people couldn’t just buy, or even pre-order, one. No, first you had to enter a raffle. If you won, then you had the honor of purchasing a Charizard 3DS XL between December 15, 2012 – January 14, 2013

fire emblem awakening 3ds limited edition 3ds

Fire Emblem: Awakening 3DS

Ah, the Fire Emblem: Awakening 3DS. Finally, we get to a model that was actually easily available in North America. Of course, it was a limited edition as well, but it ended up going faster than people expected for two reasons. The first is that Fire Emblem: Awakening is an incredible game. The second is that the Fire Emblem: Awakening 3DS looked really awesome. Who wouldn’t want a blue 3DS with a sword flanked by two dragons on the lid? It was released here around February 4, 2013, but various shipping delays prevent us from knowing the actual day this limited edition 3DS was available in stores.

dragon quest monsters 3d 3ds limited edition 3ds

Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3DS

This Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland slime-covered 3DS is goo-d. I wish I could close my eyes and have one plop in my hands. Alas, it isn’t to be. This model was released in a bundle with the aforementioned game in Japan back on May 31, 2012. Only people who grabbed one right away know the joy of a system covered in standard and metal slimes.

club nintendo limited edition 3ds designs

Club Nintendo 3DSes

This last one is the three-fer. Three for the price of one, that is. Nintendo made 3,000 limited edition 3DS units for Club Nintendo. 1,000 had the Mario design in the center, 1,000 were Peach and 1,000 were Toad. When they were released in Japan in 2011, people had to buy two 3DS games to qualify to enter a contest to win one of the three between October 1, 2011 – January 15, 2012. Only 3,000 people actually got one. Everyone who entered got a 3D Classics: Kid Icarus download at least, so that’s a decent consolation prize. Club Nintendo Europe ran a similar promotion between November 1, 2011 – January 31, 2012, where 3,000 additional units were raffled off to people who were Club Nintendo members and had registered two qualifying games within the entry period.

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