Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition retail version has been delayed

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The disc-based version of Mojang’s hit XBLA title Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition has been delayed until June 4th. The announcement was made via a recent tweet by Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb who briefly explained that extra time would be needed to include “the very latest content”.



What this extra content actually is, nobody knows. However it’s very likely that developers Mojang and 4J Studios are trying to squeeze in April 9th’s Update 10 onto the retail version’s disc before its launch.

Update 10 for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition was released juts over two weeks after Update 9 in response to the numerous bugs Update 9 brought with it. The main fix-bug addressed a major issue where players with Xbox Live Silver accounts were unable to load their saves, so it’s no surprise that extra time would be taken to add the fix to the retail version.

Update 10 also fixed other glitches such as animals falling through wooden planks, light sources not working, and frame rate issues caused by explosions and exploration in alternate dimension The End.

Creating an entirely disc-based version of a single XBLA may seem like a peculiar decision on first thought, but there’s definitely method to Microsoft’s madness. The XBLA version of Minecraft alone is one of the best selling on Microsoft’s digital distribution service, selling almost 5 million units in 2012, and is the highest grossing XBLA game of all time. The PC version has also seen great success, with Mojang recently celebrating the sale of 10 millionth units.

Putting the XBLA version of Minecraft and its 10 updates on one disc will drastically increase its accessibility to newcomers such as children that may not have access to the XBLA service as well as cementing Minecraft’s association with Microsoft.

Although Mojang and 4J Studios have been consistently providing content updates for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition, it’s still a far way off from the PC version which most Minecraft players consider to be the superior version.

For example, PC players have access to a world that’s hypothetically infinite in size, are able to wear custom skins, while Xbox players are limited to a world 862 by 862 blocks in dimension and are only able to select pre-made skins purchasable via XBLA. This difference mainly stems from the fact that Minecraft had to effectively be remade for the Xbox 360, an issue that is very unlikely to be addressed in the retail version.

For now though, fans and non-fans hoping to get their hands on the retail version of Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition will have to wait over a month longer for its release. Were you getting excited for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition’s retail version, or are you a PC purist? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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