Pet Society, The Sims Social and SimCity Social Facebook games closing

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pet society facebook games
More Facebook games are shutting down. This is normally no big deal, except EA is doing it and Pet Society is among the closures. Pet Society is the only one of many Facebook games activated on my account that I still play daily. Most importantly, I’ve been playing it for four years!

Oh, yeah, other EA Facebook games are being shut down too. The Sims Social and SimCity Social, both quite young in terms of social networking, browser-based games, are getting the axe as well. My mom would kill me if I didn’t mention that, because she still loves and plays both of those games daily as well. While Pet Society has been around since 2009, The Sims Social debuted August 8, 2011. SimCity Social is just a baby, as it’s only been open since June 25, 2013.

That doesn’t matter (as much) though. My beloved Pet Society, which I’ve stuck with since practically joining Facebook, will soon be gone. Come June 14, 2013, Pet Society, SimCity Social and The Sims Social will be over.

I suppose I should be mourning The Sims Social as well. It’s still added to my Facebook account and I’ve been playing it since it launched. I’m not. It’s probably because it always felt like a cash grab to me – there were always all these missions, be them storyline or weekly. The rewards were neat, but usually involved badgering friends or spending real money and I just wasn’t going to go for that, so I just stopped playing. I didn’t even give SimCity Social a chance outside of the beta, once the diamond “reward” for leveling up was decreased and

This is all due to EA’s job cuts announced April 11, 2013. It was letting 250 people go to shift focus, which means teams for these Facebook games were hit hard. Given the closures, they were probably removed completely. The irony is, The Sims Social is one of the most popular Facebook games with over 5 million players. SimCity Social is less-so, with only over 1 million players. Pet Society is the least popular of the three, but still has over 1 million players.

I’m seriously disappointed here. Part of me wants to keep going with my Pet Society pet up there, while the other part is thinking I should grab a screenshot of my character and just give up. It’s so sad. If any “Save Pet Society/The Sims Social/SimCity Social petitions appear, I’ll let you know.

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