PlayStation Store update encounters massive delay (update 3)

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playstation network logoIf you were hoping to access the PlayStation Store tonight, you should probably just go to bed. Or make other plans, perhaps. But bed is looking like the best idea. The update has been hit with a massive delay. While Sony usually updates the PlayStation Store around 4pm every Tuesday, the April 16, 2013 update still hasn’t appeared and it is now 10:30pm CST.

Sony has offered no explanation for the downtime. The official PlayStation Twitter account is silent on the issue, as is the PlayStation Blog. However, upset PlayStation fans are not staying silent about the update. Many are going to the Soul Sacrifice demo notice on the blog to comment and voice their displeasure. Vita owners seem most incensed, as today is the day Soul Sacrifice‘s demo was to be released. Over 2,000 comments have been left as I post this, all of them upset.

Hopefully, this issue will be resolved and the PlayStation Store will update before April 17, 2013. There’s a lot of good content going live in this update. Free Malicious for PlayStation Plus members for one. Not to mention the aforementioned Soul Sacrifice demo. Personally, I was looking forward to Dragon Fantasy Book I.

One has to wonder if this PlayStation Store delay has anything to do with the PlayStation Network maintenance that Sony was working on yesterday. As you may recall, the PlayStation Network was down from 11am EST until 11pm EST. Perhaps there was an issue after the update that hampered the regular PlayStation Store update, and Sony didn’t realize something was wrong until the shop update didn’t go through. That’s just speculation on my part. I’m sure we’ll end up seeing some kind of update within the next few hours. I’m guessing the PlayStation Store will be back by midnight PST, but we’ll have to wait and see. Worst case scenario – we’ll have to wait until the morning for our new downloads.

Update: Okay, Sony is saying something. Unfortunately, it isn’t much. The PlayStation Twitter account says the PlayStation Store update will be delayed. (Tell us something we don’t know.) The reason given is “ongoing maintenance.” Too bad they couldn’t have told us this earlier.

Update 2: It’s been just under 12 hours since the last update and the PlayStation Store update has still not happened. Sony has not made any announcements since last night’s lone tweet. Hopefully, we’ll hear something new today.

Update 3: The PlayStation Store has updated! Go enjoy your new downloads!

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  • petr99

    LOL. 1st world problems and whining, “entitled” teen gamers. Perfect recipe for a shit-storm in a teacup. LOL also @ “massive” delays…



  • Jacob

    It’s just Sony being Sony. They are a massive failure at everything they do.

  • Ai

    Japan PlayStation Store(PS3) Error

  • AnonymousAgent101

    aww i was looking forward for the grand theft auto %50 discount & the malicious game. well. it seems like sony doesn’t learn their lesson…

  • Alex

    Just sign in to the store via PC and download the demo here!/en-gb/games/soul-sacrifice-demo/cid=EP9000-PCSF00257_00-SOULSACTRIALEU00

    It will then appear in download list on VITA or PS3 and you can download it.

    Problem solved.