Wii U Panorama View demo releases next week

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Panorama View

In addition to the flurry of games Nintendo announced during today’s Nintendo Direct address, the company also let us know when we can download Panorama View. Panorama View will be offered as a free demo at some point next week. The app will showcase tours of certain popular locations by utilizing both the television and the Wii U GamePad. It’s similar to the Google Maps with Street View application, but it has one big difference. Panorama View uses videos instead of still images.

As the videos play, you’ll be able to rotate the Wii U GamePad 360 degrees to see everything the video has to offer. If you enjoy this kind of experience, Nintendo will sell Panorama View tours for $2 each. It’s not clear how long these $2 videos will last. I hope they’re long than a few minutes long. If not, I don’t think the novelty will be worth the price for the entire set.

We’re going to see more titles this year such as Game & Wario take advantage of the off-TV gameplay features of the Wii U.

Don’t forget the spring update for the Wii U will also be available next week. It’ll make sure you’re able to access Panorama View and the console’s other software features much faster than what we experience now.

Source [Nintendo Direct]

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