Luigi 3DS XL looks like Super Mario camouflage

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luigi 3ds xl
I know there should be no room for jealousy when we’re reveling in all of our new, wonderful Nintendo 3DS Direct announcements, but I can’t help feeling a bit envious of Japan. A new, Luigi-themed 3DS XL was just unveiled there. I mean, I have the most awesome Pikachu 3DS XL ever, but I see those multicolored Luigis and I can’t help thinking it’s just as pretty and wonderful.

The Luigi 3DS XL is being released in honor of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. When that title hits Japan on July 18, 2013, the Luigi 3DS XL bundle will come with it. Naturally, the game will come pre-installed on the system’s 4GB SD card. Nintendo’s long since given up on actually giving us a cartridge with our bundles. A price hasn’t been revealed yet, but expect it to be ¥22,800 (~$232). That’s the usual price for Japanese 3DS XL and game bundles.

I think what’s most delightful about the Luigi 3DS XL is the pattern on the lid. If you’re far enough away, it looks like Super Mario camouflage. It’s delightful. I actually amused myself for a few minuts, trying to pick out all of Luigi’s poses. (There are three, by the way.) I’m easily amused, as you can tell.

If you’re interested in grabbing the Luigi 3DS XL, know that it will only play Japanese games. It’d be better to be patient and wait. After all, the Animal Crossing: New Leaf bundle is coming to North America and Europe. Perhaps this bundle will journey outside of Japan as well. I’m sure it would be popular enough. Everybody loves Luigi. Besides, Nintendo did already say that 2013 is supposed to be the Year of Luigi. It’d be practically criminal if it didn’t take a chance and release the Luigi 3DS XL outside of Japan!

Source [4Gamer (Japanese)]

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