Google could be preparing a dedicated gaming service

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android logoAs far as gaming services on mobile operating systems go, Google is falling behind Apple and Microsoft. Apple has Game Center brings features such as achievements and multiplayer into games, and Microsoft utilizes Xbox Live for Windows Phone. For Android, game developers have to take care of all that themselves. That may not be the case much longer. Android Police performed one of their famous APK teardowns and found all kinds of evidence for a Google gaming service inside the recently released Google  Glass APK.

Android Police says the Google Glass APK contains Google Mobile Services folder that’s labeled “games.” Inside that folder is a bunch of files that cover a range of features one would expect an all-encompassing gaming service to have. Those features include real-time match making, turn-based matches, real-time chat, lobbies, invites, leaderboards and achievements. The teardown doesn’t say anything about cloud saves, but I think that would be another huge feature considering how some people use multiple Android devices.

Google I/O, a yearly event for announcing Google products and services, is coming up in the middle of May. Google’s potential gaming plans could be one of the event’s big reveals.

Source [Android Police]


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