Bethesda’s secret was The Evil Within

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the evil withinBethesda has thrown back the veil on its surprise announcement, and what a shock it is. Project Zwei, Shinji Mikami’s new survival horror game, is now Bethesda’s The Evil Within. Bethesda, Mikami and Tango Gameworks have been working on the PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows thriller. It’s good news, of course, but probably the most unexpected of all potential announcements.

IGN got to handle the exclusive The Evil Within reveal. Which pretty much means it paid for the right to get to announce the game. It also means we can’t embed a trailer for all of you to see. You’ll actually have to go to IGN to see it. I can summarize it for you though. It’s about what you can expect from a survival horror game. There’s a dark, shadowy building that seems to be a hospital. Some crazy man is using tools at a bench to make something. Lots of crazy, monstrous creatures lurk at the sides. It almost seems like the man bulding this barbed wire is trying to fortify his location to protect himself from these abominations. Unfortunately, as he works, he cuts himself on the barbed wire. The blood drops to the floor and a monster comes from it, attacking the man. It’s pretty gruesome.

To be honest, Famitsu‘s coverage of The Evil Within is much better. Of course, there it’s called Psychobreak. It actually has a story synopsis and talks about some notable game features. From there, we learn that the star is Detective Sebastian. While investigating a mass murder, where many of his fellow officers are killed, Sebastian is knocked unconscious. He awakes in what seems to be another world, filled with unholy monsters. He has to be smart and brave to stay alive, solving puzzles, using the world’s traps against his foes while trying to figure out what is real and not in a place where the surroundings are constantly shifting. Especially interesting is the fact that the Sebastian’s behavior determines what the area will look like.

The Evil Within will be out in 2014. So far, PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows versions have been confirmed. However, it seems it will be released on other next generation consoles as well.

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