Crusader Kings 2 comes to Tamriel

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crusader kings tamriel mapCrusader Kings 2 is an excellent strategy game, both militarily and politically. But in a perfect blend of games and settings a new mod will take from a high lord in Europe to a high lord in the fantasy continent of Tamriel from the Elder Scrolls series.

In a report from PC Gamer, a new mod titled Elder Kings will allow player to become a jarl, or whatever other lordly titles the lands of Tamriel have, and set out to conquer the continent. The mod will take place in the tumultuous second era of Tamriel, which is also around the same time setting as the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online, making it perfect for the type of strategy you’ll be executing in typical Crusader Kings fashion.

Players will be able to choose from 25 different races and cultures, with several unique bonuses for each of them. The mod will also include new events, traits and diseases unique to the Elder Scrolls universe. That’s right you could find yourself infected with vampirism, the shakes, and the painful sounding bloodlung. Whether or not you can witness these cool diseases remains to be seen. Oh, and for the religious players, there will be 30 different faiths you can choose from as well. Most importantly the continent will feature thousands of provinces and lands for you to explore and conquer.

With the mod in early development it has its bugs, but a recent patch has smoothed some of the problems out. You can find this awesome mod over at ModDB.

I love seeing these kinds of mash-ups and I’d love to see more of these for Crusader Kings 2. My suggestion, would be to also get the A Game of Thrones mod, if you’re looking for more family feuding, diplomacy and epic medieval warfare. Mods are just…they’re just awesome.

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