TabApp Elite expands its bond between physical toys and digital games

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TabApp Elite NECA/WizKids and MFV are gearing up to release a more advanced version of its TabApp brand called TabApp Elite. TabApp Elite will consist of an application for the iPad and Android tablets, sets of physical figurines and a new device called the ClixStation. The ClixStation is used as a portal that will transport the figurines into the game. The first run of figures will consist of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.  There’s also going to be a Man of Steel collection of figures after launch.

TabApp Elite uses a similar formula that was made popular by Skylanders. Although the app that contains all the gameplay will be free, the need to collect as many figures as possible will be the main draw. There are already a line of HeroClix TabApp figurines available, but TabApp Elite will also support those as well. Figures that are made specifically for TabApp Elite will also be backwards compatible with the tabletop version of HeroClix and will also come with redemption codes for HeroClix Online.

After checking out some online shops, it appears there’s going to be a TabApp Elite Starter set that includes the ClixStation and Invincible Iron Man. Booster packs will come with two additional figures. A couple sets I’ve seen include Wonder Woman and Batman, and another set that includes Iron Man and War Machine. The reason why the packs come with two figures because one of them can be used as an “ally” in the game. In other words, you’ll be able to control two characters at once.

Although I haven’t seen any gameplay videos, it appears that the characters appear on screen this time around. They also have a few different play styles that can be activated by rotating the physical figurine. Here’s what the gameplay looks like.

tabapp batman

TabApp Elite may add a level of engagement that some may feel was lacking in the original TabApp games. We’ll know for sure once it releases.

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