Minecraft 1.6 to contain horses, carpets, leashes and more

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minecraft 1.6
Mojang have released a preview version of the highly anticipated Minecraft 1.6 update known amongst the community as the “Mob Update”. Released under the title Snapshot 13w16a, the preview allows players to test some of the new items and animals that will appear in the update, reporting bugs to Mojang as they find them. The contents of Snapshot 13w16a have have been outlined on the Mojang blog:

  • Added horses
  • Added hay bales
  • Added leashes
  • Added carpets
  • The “Respiration” enchantment now also helps seeing underwater

Minecraft horses: A new way to travel

Of greatest interest to Minecraft players will be update 1.6’s inclusion of horses which will be fully ridable and can be adorned with saddles and armour. Snapshot 13w16a horses are able to move at extremely fast speeds that equal a mine cart on a powered rail.

Holding down the space bar while riding will charge up a “jump bar” which allows a the horse to jump up and over great distances including over fences and walls. A variety of different horse colours and patterns will be available leading many to suspect that breeding may uncover more.

Mules are another new animal to appear in update 1.6 and can have chests attached to their saddles in order to transport many items at once. As of now the snapshot 13w16a chest saddles are non-functional.

minecraft 1.6

Hay bales, leashes and carpets

Another interesting aspect of update 1.6’s horses are their individual health bars that can be replenished with the new hay bale item and can be protected with the aforementioned iron, gold and diamond horse armour.

Leashes can be used with horses, donkeys, sheep and other animals to tether them to fences or to simply lead them in a particular direction. This will of course be useful when travelling over large distances when horses need to be tied up at night.

Lastly wool carpets will be made available in update 1.6 which are essentially the same as stone slabs, but of various different colours. Snapshot 13w16a carpet is currently non-flammable, however it is expected that this is simply a bug that will be fixed when the full update rolls out.

Minecraft 1.6 will include a new and improved launcher

Possibly the most important addition to Minecraft with update 1.6 is the new game launcher it will bring with it. Mojang claim that not only will the new launcher be quicker to load and more stable, it will include a drop-down list allowing players to select different builds and mods.

Additionally Minecraft 1.6 will raise the required OpenGL version to 2.0, officially support Java , and will no longer work with Java 5.

There’s still no official release date for Minecraft 1.6, but those eager to get their hands on Snapshot 13w16a can do so via the Mojang blog.

Site [Mojang]

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  • tony

    this looks really awsome

    • Michael Westgarth

      Yeah, I know. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a game update before. 1.5 was pretty good though. Hoppers and droppers are amazing.

      Is it weird that I find myself more excited about 1.6’s carpets than the horses?