Gearbox Software is the new owner of the Homeworld franchise

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Gearbox Software has revealed it’s the winner an auction for the Homeworld franchise. Homeworld was just one of the many franchises that were put up for bids following the bankruptcy and closure of THQ. It’s not clear at this time how much Gearbox paid at auction (Update: the price was $1.35 million), but we do know what Gearbox plans to do with the franchise in the short term.

Since you can’t buy the first two Homeworld games from digital distribution services, Gearbox will make sure they go back on sale. Gearbox is also taking suggestions from the community on where it should take the franchise next.

This brings us to another developer called teamPixel. teamPixel made no secrets about its plans to acquire the Homeworld license if the price was right. It even launched Indiegogo and Kickstarter campaigns to help finance their bid. In March, teamPixel raised $58,644 on Kickstarter for the intention of releasing Homeworld Touch and Homeworld 3. Since it’s not the winner of the auction, it’s issuing refunds to backers. Refunds will start processing on Tuesday, April 23.

teamPixel is still going to create its real-time strategy game, but it won’t be an official entry in the Homeworld series. Anyone who contributed to the Kickstarter will receive a credit towards the game.

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