Nordic Games acquires the majority of THQ properties

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Darksiders 2The results of THQ’s recent auction were made public today. Homeworld went to Gearbox and 505 Games got Drawn to Life. However, that’s nothing compared to what Nordic Games scooped up. Nordic Games made a huge mark on the industry by spending $4.9 million for 150 THQ properties. Among the purchases are Darksiders, Red Faction, MX vs. ATV, Supreme Commander, Titan Quest and many more. The court has to approve the transaction, but that’s all standard stuff. This deal is pretty much done.

Nordic Games releases titles under a few different publishing labels such as JoWooD Entertainment, Dream Catcher and The Adventure Company. It’s games include Painkiller, Deadfall Adventures and some games in the Gothic series. Nordic Games GmbH will be responsible for the majority of the recent acquired titles.

Nordic Games has opened its forums to suggestions on what it should do with its new properties. So far, the Darksiders thread has gotten the most views.

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