Dead Island: Riptide Zombie Bait Edition’s still got the torso

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dead island: riptide zombie bait edition torso
Were you offended by the initial Dead Island: Riptide Zombie Bait Edition? If you need a refresher, Deep Silver took some flack back in January 2013, when it announced the European and Australian special editions of Dead Island: Riptide would include a bloody, bikini-clad, zombie torso. The general message back then seemed to be that Deep Silver was so, very sorry and wouldn’t be shipping out this special edition. Except they are, and did.

It seems that apology was to placate upset individuals, as CNET | Australia is reporting people in Australia are getting fake, severed torsos to display in their rooms. The current, internet famous image of the Dead Island: Riptide torso comes from Twitter user AussieGamerChic. If you click through, you’ll see her bust’s bikini has the Australian flag on it, rather than the American flag in the official image released above.

We don’t know yet if European Dead Island: Riptide special editions will include the zombie torso. Reports haven’t really come in yet, but it seems likely. Especially after this statement Koch Media, the company that owns Deep Silver, dispatched to CNET | Australia:

The Australian and New Zealand special editions of Dead Island Riptide are the Survivor Edition available through EB Games, and the Pre-Order Edition available through JB Hi-Fi. An extremely limited quantity of the Zombie Bait edition has been made available to some retailers for those customers who wish to purchase it.

So, does it really matter that the Dead Island: Riptide torso leaked out? I don’t think so. Perhaps I’ve been desensitized from years of playing video games and being friends with people who collect bishoujo and horror figures/statues, but I’m not all that offended. I wouldn’t want one in my house, mind you, but I have seen worse and I wouldn’t make a stink and say it shouldn’t exist. What are your thoughts?

Source [CNET | Australia]

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  • key2sanity

    “If you click through, you’ll see her bust’s bikini has the Australian flag on it, rather than the Union Jack in the official image released above.” Your using a picture of one with a USA bikini, not the union jack.

    • Jenni Lada

      Oh! You’re right. My mistake. I thought I added a different official image than I had. Tis fixed now. Thanks!