The Tale of ALLTYNEX Kickstarter funded in 24 hours

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the tale of alltynex
Nyu Media is pretty good about releasing Japanese PC games we’ve never heard of in English worldwide, but when it came to The Tale of ALLTYNEX, it needed a little help. The trilogy is still an indie shoot’em up series from SITER SKAIN, but the company needed a little extra help with this release. Part of the funds were going to go towards finishing the localization and actual game updates, but most of it is to boost awareness so The Tale of ALLTYNEX can be properly promoted and perhaps pass muster with Steam Greenlight.

So, Nyu Media started a <a href="The Tale of ALLTYNEX on Kickstarter” target=”external”>The Tale of ALLTYNEX Kickstarter on April 23, 2013, asking for a mere $4,999 to try and make it happen. Now, 24 hours later, it’s Kickstarter has been achieved. Over 130 people have pledged over $5,600 by 10am CST. Hopefully, this means the shoot’em up will actually make it onto Steam.

If The Tale of ALLTYNEX does, people will get a good value for their money. This trilogy consists of three, very highly regarded games. The first is ALLTYNEX Second, which starts the story.Players go in with the survivors, flying ships with buster rifles, homing lasers and melee blades, to take on the computer. RefleX picks up after. Humanity bonded over ALLTYNEX’s massacre to form a militaristic Global Unified Army. Though, there is also a Valkyness resistance that supports freedom. They’re fighting one another when aliens called Raiwat invade, seeking revenge, and players must fight again. It all ends in KAMUI, an installment set centuries after the previous game where humans must fly the new KAMUI ship to fight a whole new foe.

Now that The Tale of ALLTYNEX is funded, there are stretch goals to consider. The lowest level is $12,000 and ensures the creation of an official, digital guide given away to people who gave $25 or more to the Kickstarter. $22,000 means 450 of those physical guides will be produced and sent to the first 450 people who pledged $45 or more. Finally, the $28,000 point will result in the physical, limited edition release of The Tale of ALLTYNEX. Again, only 450 will be made and given to the first 450 people to give $45.

If you’d like to pledge, there are multiple tiers available. The lowest amount you can pledge is $1, but the only way to start getting games is to pledge at least $15. The $15 mark gives you one The Tale of ALLTYNEX game, the $25 mark two and $35 gives you all three. The pledge levels go up to $10,000, with copies of the games, a shirt, a plush toy, soundtracks and, most importantly, a trip to the Tokyo 2013 Winter Comiket where all airfare and hotel accommodations are provided and Nyu Media will be your interpreters and tour guides. Three of those available and, as you can guess, at the moment they’re all unclaimed.

Site [The Tale of ALLTYNEX on Kickstarter]

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