The next Xbox will debut on May 21

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XboxIn 26 days we’ll be able to put some of the speculation about the next Xbox console to rest. Microsoft will officially unveil its new console on May 21 from the Xbox campus in Redmond, Washington. The reveal will be streamed online at and Xbox Live. If you’re away from the internet, the event will  also be shown on Spike TV starting at 1pm EST.

We’re not expecting Microsoft to spill all the beans next month. A post on Major Nelson’s blog says a complete lineup of games for the console will be shown at E3 in June. The May event will probably go over some core features, show the kind of developer support Microsoft has and leave us with unanswered questions at the end. The one thing Microsoft absolutely must do is address the always-on rumors once and for all. Keeping silent on this matter has not and will not do the company any favors.

Sony has been busy stealing the next-gen thunder since revealing the PS4 in February. It’s getting a lot of positive feedback for embracing the indie community and making the PS4 easy to develop for. Microsoft may be taking an all-encompassing multimedia approach with the next Xbox. What features would you like to see?

Source [Major Nelson]

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