Miiverse is now available on the web

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Miiverse The Wii U hasn’t received its spring update yet, but Nintendo has managed to set Miiverse free across the web. The beta version of Miiverse is now available from desktop and mobile web browsers. Once you sign in with your Nintendo Network ID, you’ll be able to take part in some of the network’s basic functionality.You’re currently allowed to check out your activity feed, catch up on notifications, view the user menu and browse posts within each Miiverse community. It doesn’t appear that you can create posts from the web just yet. You can however comment on posts and give posts a “Yeah!”

We can expect Nintendo to release proper mobile applications for Miiverse in the future. What Nintendo is offering now is by no means inferior, but standalone applications are essential these days.

Go ahead and check out Miiverse on the web. Keep in mind you have to have a Nintendo Network ID to access the network.

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