Nintendo moves away from large E3 press conferences

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Nintendo E3

Nintendo is approaching E3 2013 differently than how it has in the past. Instead of holding a big press conference that’s filled with figures, trailers and live gameplay demonstrations, Nintendo will opt for smaller sessions. In Nintendo’s most recent financial results slideshow presentation, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata noted the company will use different methods to get information to its Western and Japanese audiences.

Nintendo will hold small events for the Western gaming media and distributors in America. It will also find a way to directly communicate with its audience that can’t be at the show. Nintendo Direct has proven to be a go-to tool to appeal directly to users. We can expect Nintendo Direct to convey all the E3 announcements to Japanese and other international audiences.

So why is Nintendo doing this? Iwata says the company learned different groups crave specific types of information. Consumers want to know about the games, analysts and investors care about numbers and distributors need to understand Nintendo’s marketing tactics so both sides can make money. By splitting everything up, everyone can get what they’re after without cutting through useless information.

The media will be happy to get hands-on time with games in a more immediate fashion. E3 is an incredibly hectic week where a lot of time is taken up by sitting in conferences. I can’t imagine many of us complaining about this.

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  • Kirk Hiner

    Sounds like they’re taking a cue from Apple…abandon the big expo events that force you to talk about products on someone else’s schedule (too soon or too late), and instead deliver information when you want to whom you want to have it.

    However, Apple completely abandoned Macworld Expo, whereas I can’t imagine Nintendo has any plans to leave the E3 show floor.