Spicy Horse debuts a card combat game called Hell Invaders

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Hell Invaders

Spicy Horse Games, the developers behind Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, just revealed its next project. It’s currently called Hell Invaders, and it’s a card combat game with a real-time strategy twist. It’s going to be released this fall for PC, Mac, Linux and tablets. One of the things that will make Hell Invaders different from the competition will be fully animated battle sequences. We won’t just see a bunch of numbers flying off cards.

The cards will also feature upgrades and interchangeable skills. Other gameplay features include PVP combat, card trading and undisclosed social features.

Here’s a look at what combat in Hell Invaders looks like.

Hell Invaders screen

Based on the original dimensions of the image and the little white dots at the bottom of the image, I’m going to assume we’re looking at an Android version of the game. It’s not clear if the battles will play out automatically once actions are taken on a different screen, or if it’ll just look like this all the time.

According to VentureBeat, Hell Invaders will be free-to-play. Booster packs, abilities and other items can be purchased with real money. The types of cards we’ll be using will contain one element such as fire, water, earth and wind. The cards will also be broken down into three classes for ranged, melee or healers.

There’s still a lot more information to learn about this game. Spicy Horse will be revealing more details in the coming months.


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